A division of Rangitāne o Tamaki nui-a-Rua


Haere Mai

Welcome to Te Tahua o Rangitāne; economic development and housing for Rangitāne o Tamaki nui-a-Rua.

Rangitāne have a long  tradition of entrepreneurship;  growing, hunting, trading, and connecting with neighbouring tribes from every direction. We had a reputation for hospitality and our lands, forests, rivers, and oceans were abundant with food and resources.

Te Tahua o Rangitāne has a vision to reconnect with those traditions and practices of our tūpuna with a vision to improve the economic outcomes for whānau, hapū and iwi. We will achieve this by  supporting economic development, building the capacity of our people, improving our productivity, and lifting Māori household incomes and socio-economic well-being – the prosperity of our whanau remains the driving force behind our efforts.

Kia tupu, kia hua, kia puāwai – To grow, prosper and sustain.

Te Tahua o Rangitāne Limited is a charitable company and has a commercial focus with the aim of protecting and growing the assets of our beneficiaries and generating wealth for future generations.


Like the multitude of stars in the sky, so great is Rangitāne on the Earth.

Our Strategy

There are numerous opportunities for Rangitāne to take a leadership role in our local and national economy. The Māori economy is growing quickly, the Māori population is young and increasing in number meaning that we are now able to influence and drive Aotearoa’s economic future. 

By increasing our participation in the workforce, we improve whānau well-being and create the conditions for whānau to be financially secure and achieve economic self-determination.

Te Tahua o Rangitāne has an appetite for growth and has adopted a multi-faceted strategy to improve the participation and performance of our people within the economy. Key initiatives include:

Our People

Find out more about Te Tahua o Rangitāne or explore partnering with us to build the wealth of our whānau and communities. Contact Te Tahua General Manager Shaun Lines at shaun@tetahua.co.nz or 021 751 932